Autonomous well being ecosystem. Sensing processing and reforming the environment of your child.

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The only technology that can balance and improve your indoor environment

Treats CO2, VOCs, airborne viruses and  bacteria. Deploys unique sensing ability and cloud processing to customize personal indoor environment and ensure wellbeing and productivity.

The ultimate hi-end Air reformer


All in one,
A Full Solution


Multi sensing + air control for babies

This device, equipped with multi-sensors, measures and reflects the environmental and baby’s conditions, and treats the air to improve the baby’s wellbeing indoors and outdoors. This replaces  the need to use multiple products with  one solution.

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Choose the best environment for outdoor activities with your child.

airosphera junior outdoor mode, will provide you with the knowledge on your Childs' well being  and recommended outdoor environment based on environmental conditions and network community activities in real time.