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Enhance your surroundings with Sphera Pro 


Sphera Pro 

improves the air around users, and helps them become aware of their vitals and surroundings in order to help improve focus, productivity and learning skills.

Home office

For professionals

In the workplace, Sphera Pro improves the air around professionals for healthier breathing and establishes each user’s customized concentration profile, reflecting in real-time when they lose focus and recommending how they can regain it.


For Students

Sphera Pro enhances the learning experience by reflecting accurate real-time performance and improving air; or suggesting other ambient changes to ensure concentration focus for effective learning.

Using a virtual friend (assistant) presenting games and questions in a playful way, we communicate with the child and build a personalized profile, reflecting to the parent an accurate insight related to their performance in real-time.

Real time insights with patented AI algorithms 

For parents

With Sphera Pro, parents’ can track their childrens’ progress and wellness, and build insights for improvement.


Indeed, you don’t have to wait for a teacher’s input to know what’s going on with your child. Airosphera Pro enables parents to  know the children’s status in real-time, and to be in a position to help children maximize their focus for optimal performance and success.

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