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The ultimate high-end air reformer


Optimizing the air in the driver cabin

Airosphera-Cabin balances the CO2 levels and purifies the air in the driver cabin, creating a safe and healthy environment for keeping drivers' focus, productivity and well-being.


Sensing, treatment and adaptation of cabin environment, Aerosphera CABIN preserves the optimal conditions for concentration and productivity while driving

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Simple and quick installation Cartridge replacement once every six months.

Easily reduce the dependence on outside air in difficult weather conditions, long hours on the road and polluted areas, with simple installation.

  • Supports drivers’ health

  • Help boost productivity

  • Lowers risk of accidents

  • Simple & quick installation

  • For any type vehicle

The only technology that can balance and improve your cabin environment

Maintainig focus safety and productivity

The platform is designed to create optimal cabin conditions, personalized to each driver, by reducing CO2 levels and air reforming in real time. Using multiple sensors and personal bio feedback processed by AI engine - Airosphera CABIN aims to keep the driver healthy and alert during long hours behind the wheel.

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